Information for Homeowners

For superior new home comfort, Superior Walls foundations are custom-designed and built to demanding specifications to be dry, warm and smart. Superior in every way. Because when your new home is built with Superior Walls, you can enjoy increased building efficienciesówith your assurance of superior living.


Superior Walls' special 5,000+ psi concrete mix is moisture resistant. Because additional damp proofing is not required, this can help you save both time and money. With the specified crushed stone sub-footer and perimeter drain, water will be directed away from your foundation, helping to keep your home dry. With our patented technologies and superior manufacturing methods, our basements are the very finest in the world and guaranteed for 15 years.*


Research indicates that over 20% of your new home's heat loss can occur through your basement walls. That's why Superior Walls foundations feature a continuous layer of insulation bonded directly to the concrete, resulting in high energy efficiency to help you reduce energy costs. Our walls have treated wood nailers built into the concrete studs so you can easily increase the amount of insulation without any need to install additional framing.


The building industry's leaders are building today's new homes with Superior Walls. Certified trained crews install our superior systems typically in just five hours, in virtually any weather. Your builder can save valuable time building your home with the dry, warm, smart, superior solution.


Superior Walls are created in a controlled factory environment to ensure that your new home's foundation will be built to the industry's highest standards. The concrete is reinforced with steel rebar, making it stronger than traditional foundations. And Superior Walls can be customized to nearly any architecture, providing you with a maximum of home design flexibility.
* See the limited warranty. Contact your local Superior Walls representative for details.

How to Order Your Superior Walls Foundation

A. Four items are initially required to order your Superior Walls

  1. Completed Credit Application
  2. Signed Estimate
  3. Signed Purchase Order / Agreement
  4. Deposit Check

B. Superior Walls then provides

  1. Plan / Schematic CAD Drawings
  2. 3D Drawings
  3. Revised Final Proposal (based on your final drawing approval)
The builder/homeowner is responsible for reviewing the drawings carefully, checking all dimensions, object locations, beam pockets and opening sizes for sign off. The summary block contains the information that you need.

C. Your Foundation Becomes an Order When:

We received your signed approval of all CAD drawings and a signed proposal. A Customer Service team member will contact you to verify schedule.

Note: It is imperative that we have access to the jobsite and that is it prepared correctly for a smooth, quick, and high-quality installation. The Site Preparation Sheet/Checklist explains in detail the requirements for access and properly preparing your jobsite for installation. If you site has questionable access, please call your Sales Representative.

A foot inspection on the soil may be required by inspectors prior to setting the stone in the excavated site. Call you code official concerning this phase.

When your site is excavated, the stone has been set, and the outside corner pins installed, please call Doug Pfautz at 717-733-4823 to inform him that the site is ready for installation. You will be contact by a member of our Customer Service team to verify:
  • You are ready for us to manufacture your foundation walls
  • The jobsite is ready for our set crews to install your foundations walls

D. On the Day of Installation

Our set crew arrives to complete final site preparation which includes shooting laser elevations, setting string lines off of the corner location pins you have established, and final compaction of the stone. The crane and the walls arrive on site for installation. Set crew installs foundation and cleans site when finished.

You're now ready to start building!

Download Our Credit Application:

Credit Application.pdf

Credit Application.doc

Call 717-733-4823 or contact us online for more information on our Superior Wall Systems.

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